Ex Mortem Records was recently founded by Ville Kemi (Fall ov Serafim, Vandöd, Host), Henrik Wendel (Vandöd) and Daniel Wikforss (Vandöd) for a way to promote black metal darkness internationally through underground cooperation! The first record out is the Vandöd debut album. The CD version is out on Ex Mortem Records, while an LP version will be out on Ex Mortem Records and Seven Times More Scary Productions (Holland) during the Spring of 2008. The Spring will also see the release of an Eastern European CD version on Distributor of Pain (Bulgaria), and a Brazilian CD release! This does however NOT mean that nobody else is welcome to participate on this release in one way or another, as long as it’s underground!


As Cover
Vandöd - As
(Releasedate: 07.05.26)